About Gabriel

Photo courtesy of Casey Friedman

Photo courtesy of Casey Friedman

Gabriel Knight

Hi! My name is Gabriel Knight Hancock and I’m a singer/songwriter.  I first started writing songs when I was fifteen, and I started liking them when I was sixteen.I just released my first EP at nineteen called The Town Where I Was BornThe Town Where I Was Born is a collection of songs both new and old inspired by the concept of home and growing up.

Quick thoughts on music…

I don’t think there’s any room for cynicism. Art is too big for that. The definition of good and bad art has been redefined a million times or more. The last thing an artist needs is a critic. This is just my opinion, but I have never found what most people call “constructive criticism”constructive. If you are perceptive, you can tell if someone likes something or not. They don’t have to tell you.

People don’t change music, music changes people. I really believe that with every part of me. A song can make you cry in sorrow or in delight. A song can remind someone why they were born, make a person remember all the beatings they took in one way or another. I believe a song can change a person and it wouldn’t take many more to change the world. I believe a song speaks to us even if we don’t want to believe what it’s saying. A song can envelop your body, mind, and soul. It can make you dance and make you think and make you have hope down in your stomach, in your every breath.

I think certain vibrations work for certain people. That’s why there are so many kinds of songs. The Egyptians were singing as they built the pyramids. The slaves sang as they worked in the fields and they sang when they were free. People and music will never leave each others side.

They sang as I was born and they will sing when I die and they will sing to another baby and to another man. God is music. He is in me. He is close and He will always be close. He is speaking to me. He is singing and I have to sing back.